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Survival in the Coming Age of Transformation.

The age of transformation is here to stay. A new decade marked by historical changes, an urgent environmental crisis expressing itself in out-of-control pollution, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, melting ice caps, and the resurgence of new, nearly apocalyptical viruses that may end up in pandemics. 0n the political front we can expect the crumbling of institutions that have lasted for millenniums. Nation states and tribal identities are encountering their demise too.

On the horizon, it is not too hard to perceive that our fears will lead many to embrace totalitarian solutions that will surely bring more death and destruction to humanity. The zero-sum game is facing its own demise. Our economic system that has brought technology and significant wealth to many in the modern age is encountering that in the not-so-distant future, there may be no more oil to go around to keep our economic system running and transportation of goods and services effective.

People have also lost trust in the effectiveness of governments, churches, banks, and major corporations. Fraud and corruption have taken hold of institutions that were icons of honesty and morality in the past. Technology and artificial intelligence are moving quickly to replace humans in most work and employment opportunities. The economy is also moving towards crypto financing with the advent of Bitcoin and many other forms of digital wealth that will eventually replace the dollar and other national currencies.

Human beings are overwhelmed with all these changes. The onslaught of drug-addiction, increased suicide rates, stress, anxiety, and the epidemic of loneliness is sweeping the Western World. Violently fanatic, dogmatic groups have risen, many of them founded on racial or political ideologies that blame immigrants, people of color, or others for all the problems of society. Thick clouds of ignorance and confusion are all around us and our own leaders are unable and/or unwilling to take responsibility to lead us out into the light.

Leading scientists are ready to give up on this planet and would like to initiate a new age of conquest and exploitation of natural resources on other planets in the solar system. Amid all these changes and transformations, our own immune system is beginning to crumble as a result of modern living, divorced from the reality of nature. Men increasingly are losing their libido and producing less offspring. Women are succumbing to high stress and having heart attacks as they represent a significant amount of the heads of business and industry nowadays.

It is human nature to reject change and apply resistance when these monumental forces come upon us. To successfully thrive under these circumstances will require a new path, a new way of doing things beyond our cultural conditioning. We can expect dark days as we transition to more local, smaller, and interconnected economies.

Our ego-based identities will be transformed, and we will learn from technology to socialize with groups of people that we have never had to deal before. Our business models and practices will transform, and in turn will transform us too. It will be the beginning of the win/win game model based on cooperation and interdependence. This regenerative and mutable age shall bring more time for everyone to flourish and become their unique self beyond the cultural facades of the past.

Our age has become an age of fear and survival for many inhabitants of this small blue planet. Through the dark clouds of this dying world, a new fire will ignite in the soul of the human being. This fire will lead to a human awakening and an awareness of our essential, yet dormant cosmic spiritual abilities. Meditation and prayer will be the engines to ignite this revolution of consciousness as organized religion will become a memory of the past. A past that enslaved us to controlling, soulless institutions.

In the realm of psychology, we will understand ourselves on a deeper level. The one size fits all psychological theories will no longer work for us. We will become aware of the vast diversity of unique individuals we are and will come to accept ourselves and others as we are. Joy will follow then. All large infrastructures will no longer support us as they will become powerless to effect change on our behalf. The individuals who survive this dark age will evolve into strong beings who work to create opportunities to increase their wealth and are agents in their own survival as they attend to their own needs with their resourceful abilities.

To survive these difficult times that are ahead for us, we must focus on our own empowerment and give up expecting society or the government to aid us. We must seek likeminded people to bond with who, through cooperation and interconnectedness, may organize to achieve common goals in small, local communities. In order to bond with one another we will have to give up the barriers that are part of our programming and that we have created for self-protection in order to sustain our identity politics. The virtues of gratefulness, contemplation, and abundance of the spirit as expressed in the good life that we can have on this planet if we learn to cooperate with one another and nature, will be our salvation.

I am sure to the reader of these words, the thoughts of all these ideals may seem just that, a Utopia. But after the incredible darkness of these ordeals and the planetary night of the soul, the ape with an assault weapon will have to die to give way to the moral ape as our evolution dictates, otherwise all is lost and our species will not survive. Paradoxically it has been this desire to be independent from others that led us to the creation of large institutions and the eventual alienation that it produced. By turning poison into medicine, we can access our own intuition through mindfulness.

Mindfulness can lead us into a clear understanding of the oneness of all things. The oneness of all things is a form of consciousness that will heal the ego’s fears and nasty, selfish inclinations. We will come to the crossroads where our own survival will depend on facing and accepting our intentional authority, regardless of race or any other cultural ideologies. Finding the power of our uniqueness and passions will depend on accepting the other as a unique individual, instead of an object to be used and abused. The evolution of the primitive self from isolation to interdependence will be accomplished then.

I believe that we human beings are an adaptable lot. If we are to survive this age, we will need to embrace an interdependent survival lifestyle. We will have to become inner power warriors in the survival to seal the chain of our DNA and project it into the future. These brilliant survivors will be the ones who have the ability to surf on the tidal waves of change.

Finally, as Dante noted: “It is necessity and not pleasure that compel us.” And compelled we will be when the curtains close on these dark times to give way to a new world.

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I have a master degree in Psychology. I have worked in the mental health field for decades, either teaching art and creative photography to Autistic adults or in behavioral hospitals with teens. I’ve received mindfulness training from eastern teachers specializing in Tibetan, Krishna and Zen meditation. My goal is to help people that currently struggle with anxiety and depression as we delve deep into Positive Psychology for effective coping skills. Also I’d like to find others of a similar mindset for mutual learning and collaboration through this blog.
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