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Redefining and Centering Ourselves in a Time of Chaos.

The virus has put the world in the crossroads. People individually are facing their fears as the virus continues to infect more and more people worldwide. It’s seems like is perfectly design to cause generalized anxiety. People are worried and they don’t seem able to stop and get off the worrying mode. Their reasons are valid, they  worry about their death, the death of love ones and also the lost of income and economic standing.

Some of us can use our willpower to turn off the worry for periods at a time but, once we are quiet the worry reappears

and raises its ugly head once again.

Worrying triggers a quick repetitive mechanism in our heads that seeks to intellectually solve the riddle of impermanence and lack of control we are currently facing. In other words, we inhabit our head as we dread the future and the possible consequences that could befall us.

In order to trip this mechanism it is necessarily to redirect  our energy towards the body. We must embody the present moment. We can sit in meditation in the morning and at night to ensure a pleasant night sleep or as many times as needed.

To begin this meditation you must sit erect and focus on your hands, feel the warm energy in your hands and focus on the present moment. After a while move to your arms, solar plexus and so on and so forth. Observe your surroundings and practice deep breathing slowly at least three times. Listen to relaxing music and then move on the necessities of the present. The present moment is where you can connect your inner most priced values with  needs to be done at each moment.

Here you can access your inner fortitude, strength and courage to deal with the practical needs of others. This is where we can empathize with others, give up on our ego based needs that are always rooted in fear. Survival situations put the body in a fear or flight situation. Taking back control on what we can control, namely ourselves we can better confront our real difficulties in creative and strategic ways.

When we do this we go beyond being just survivors of traumatic experiences but, also we can thrive in taking responsibility for ourselves and others.

I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you what comes next after this virus is finally eradicated but, my guess is that unforeseen socioeconomic and political consequences  will spring out of this. I’m not here to tell you that if you are just positive everything will be just fine.

No, I can tell you that you can be the  responsible servant of others through the virtues of courage, sacrifice and learning to centering yourself.

As a youngster, I survived the trauma of September 11, 1973 in Santiago, Chile. I’ve stared at guns, death and bullets as a 9 year old and helped my Mother and sisters during the agony of that civil war and my Father’s death. Those events marked me forever in my soul. They are my motivation to fight for those who don’t have a voice and to be in the service of others that are ignored in our society. My roots come from The Catalan country side, an oppressed ethnic group out of Spain.



All I can tell you is that our modern society is a narcissistic one. The mere pace of our technological  no longer permit us to pay attention to one another. Dishonesty, gas lighting and neglect have become the norm across the board.

Loneliness, neglect and abuse have had its deadly effects in many individuals as alienation have destroyed the minds and the souls of many youngsters, women and elderly people.

We often find  ourselves overwhelmed by information, confused about the truth and cannot see the forest from the trees.

Narcissism is the name of the malaise. We live in a culture in the process of  deterioration. The formulas of the past no longer serve us,  institutions are no longer trusted and our leaders no longer willing to take responsibility for their actions. The populace is not willing either, as a matter of fact no one will. Our economy resembles more a casino in Vegas as inflation and devaluation eat our children’s future.

Then,  we come to the crossroads. It has been a long time coming. The chickens are coming home to roost and we act surprised at The Tsunami moving towards us like an inbound train.

Darwin said : ” It is not the strongest of the species that survives , nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one most ADAPTABLE to CHANGE”.

For an almighty society that no longer respects the rights of the weak and oppressed.  A society that treats the weak  like they are things not human beings, caging refugee children and abandoning those closest to them to suicide, poverty and drug addiction. Death and pestilence have finally come to teach us some sobering lesson of equality, humility and sacrifice.

I wrote earlier this year about the transitional challenges of this decade in an earlier essay entitled “Survival in The Coming  Age of Transformation”. I’d like to recommend to those who may want to inquire further into this theme  to read it.

The Dali Lama told us about death’s quality as a teacher by saying ” All beings tremble before violence, All love Life . All fear Death. See Yourself in Others”.

Our enemy, our teacher The Corona Virus has come to confront us with the possibility of a quick death .  Furthermore, the fear and paranoia that the virus creates go the core of our being to confront us with our self-indulgent narcissism.  Fear can makes us even more narcissistic as we plot our own survival and send everyone else to find their own resources or can wakes up to the possibilities of connecting with our innermost values to transcend this dark moment and change ourselves and the world into a better place for our children.

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I have a master degree in Psychology. I have worked in the mental health field for decades, either teaching art and creative photography to Autistic adults or in behavioral hospitals with teens. I’ve received mindfulness training from eastern teachers specializing in Tibetan, Krishna and Zen meditation. My goal is to help people that currently struggle with anxiety and depression as we delve deep into Positive Psychology for effective coping skills. Also I’d like to find others of a similar mindset for mutual learning and collaboration through this blog.
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